Comfort. Hydration. Relief. Choice.

Available in suppository and gel forms,
both hormone-free and made without parabens!

What is HYALO GYN®?

HYALO GYN® is a personal lubricant intended to moisturize and lubricate to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. It is available in a colorless, odorless, transparent, aqueous, hydrating gel and a moisturizing suppository, both hormone-free and made without parabens. HYALO GYN® acts as a moisturizer and lubricant because of the strong hydrating properties of its proprietary hyaluronic acid derivative component, Hydeal-D®.

Why We’re Unique

Hyalo Gyn packaging and tube

What is Hydeal-D®?

Endogenous Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in the vaginal lining and other body tissues. It is responsible for maintaining hydration in moisture-sensitive environments. HYALO GYN® is uniquely formulated with Hydeal-D®, a proprietary hyaluronic acid derivative manufactured by Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A. Hydeal-D® is formulated to resist enzymatic breakdown to enhance its residence time, which is the amount of time it stays in the body.

When the hyaluronic acid derivative combines with the other ingredients, it has mucoadhesive properties allowing it to adhere to the vaginal mucosa thus hydrating and protecting this tissue1,3.

"After just the first use of HYALO GYN, I noticed a difference! The level of moisture in the vaginal area definitely improved. I can't wait to see what regular use will do."

Ava, Age 49

"A year ago my gynecologist recommended HYALO GYN and it is a wonderful product. My symptoms with vaginal dryness have been significantly reduced. It is easy to use and is odorless. I highly recommend this product to women suffering from vaginal distress."

Mirian, Age 53

"HYALO GYN provides the lubrication that menopause took away. Sex is much more comfortable and enjoyable when using HYALO GYN. It's not drippy and messy like other products I have tried."

Suzanne, Age 62

"I was having a dryness issue with pain, I told my doctor and he recommended your product. I was amazed by how much relief I got with the first use. I have been using your product now for six months."

Gayle, Age 53

"My doctor recommended HYALO GYN because of feminine dryness. I have been using HYALO GYN regularly for three years now and have not had discomfort as long as I use it."

Patricia, Age 63