Product Reviews

Is HYALO GYN® the right choice for you?

Other women think so…

When 68 peri- & post-menopausal women were surveyed2, almost 90% reported that HYALO GYN® helped with their vaginal dryness, and 96% would recommend it to a friend. Below are the results of our survey.

1. Age group
Response Percent
under 30 1.5%
30-40 7.4%
41-50 20.6%
51-60 38.2%
61-70 26.5%
Over 70 5.9%
2. Did HYALO GYN® help with your vaginal dryness?
Response Percent
Yes 88.1%
No 11.9%
3. Each application of HYALO GYN® lasts for approximately 3 days. How many days has it been since you first started using HYALO GYN?

14.06 days (average)

4. Did you think the HYALO GYN® applicators were comfortable and easy to use?
Response Percent
Yes 95.6%
No 4.4%
5. What do you believe the cause of your vaginal dryness to be?
Response Percent
Medication Usage 10.3%
Age 48.5%
Menopause 66.2%
Physical Activity 0.0%
Seasonal (climate change) Factors 0.0%
Sexual Activity 2.9%
Other 14.7%
6. What sources are you most likely to turn to for help with your condition?
Response Percent
Family Member 5.9%
Website 7.4%
Family Physician 16.2%
Medical Assistant 2.9%
Pharmacist 4.4%
Gynecologist 89.7%
Geriatrician 0.0%
Other 0.0%
7. Compared to the other vaginal moisturizer/lubricant(s), did you think HYALO GYN® was more effective?
Response Percent
Yes 50.0%
No 6.1%
About the Same 19.7%
Not Applicable, I’ve not tried other vaginal lubricants 24.2%
8. Would you recommend HYALO GYN® to a friend?
Response Percent
Yes 95.6%
No 4.4%

Note: This survey was conducted on the original formulation of HYALO GYN® in January 2015.